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Visit Bikini Beaches Around the World!
   Visit: Cancun 1989, Catalina Island 1993, Central Park, New York 1980s, Cocoa Beach 1990s, Coney Island 1987-1992, Fire Island 1983-1988, Ft. Lauderdale 1986-1987, Guadeloupe 1988, Guadeloupe 1994, Japan 1995-2005, Marigot, St. Martain 1985, Martinique 1992, Mermaid Parades 1995-2002, New York 2000, Rio 1991, Riis Park 1985, The Riviera 1950-1965, Sesembra 1991, St. Tropez Hotel, St. Maartin 1988, Upstate New York 1970s, Venice Beach 1984-1985. Vero Beach 1984, Wabasso Beach 1984-1985, Woodstock Nation 1970s.
(Beaches to Visit!)

The Locations Defined
   The Locations, or Beaches, presents a potpourri of some of Bikini Science's most significant (and insignificant) locations. It is the Where of the Five Dubyas of Bikini Science.
The Physical Locations
   Not all bikiniites in Bikini Science are found at one of its many beaches, but many different beaches are featured prominently. Some of the locations have historical and popular culture significance--Cannes and the côté d'Azure, Coney Island, Venice Beach--whereas others are sites of convenience or whose very insignificance help advance our study. Each of our beaches also tends to have a fairly narrow temporal window--for example Wabasso Beach in Florida is documented in the the late 1980s, Rio in the early 1990s, Cannes in the the 1950s and 1960s, and so on. Thus one result is the Beaches provide a sampling that is relatively representative of a location and time.

The Conceptual Locations
   And although most of our locations are real beaches, Bikini Science also attempts to explore the implications of an expanded venue: inland from the beach and the city street; the pool, gym, the athletic contest, the nightclub.
   A related fascination is the way media treats the bikini and here we report on fashion photography, the role of pinup and cheesecake photography, the antics of celebrities, and the relationship between the depiction of the bikini in media and on its adoption on the real beach.