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Venice Beach, California, 1984-1986
(Venice Beach)
   California dreamin' at this Los Angeles seaside community (VB8620). It's the early 1980s and bikiniites vie for the smallest bikini (VB8403, VB8409, VB8423). One of the focal points is shrinking v-kini, which puts the buttocks into play (VB8401, VB8421, VB8425). Stringplay remains in full force with a rich variety of unties (VB8411, VB8427) and retires (VB8410). California girls rollerskate (VB8404, VB8405, VB8610), suntan with their boyfriends (VB8414), and preen for a local TV station (VB8402, VB8415, VB8420). Athletic men and women lift weights and play tennis (VB8406, VB8407) as tattooed types watch on (VB8422). Up on the boardwalk bikinied merchants (VB8417) sell bikinis (VB8412), used records (VB8408), and tie-die to the beach shoppers (VB8413, VB8416, VB8418, VB8419, VB8428, VB8501). Street attire is minimal (VB8603), and a few brave souls wear their bikinis up into the narrow band of streets between the beach and highway 101 (VB8426).