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Cocoa Beach, Florida, 1990-1995
Cocoa Beach
   Just south of Cape Canaveral and the center of town at Cocoa Beach sit two open-air bars and one fun hot spot. A tanga is a minimum requirement here if a girl is to be noticed in the early 1990s, and few girls are without them. They wear them everywhere: sunning on the sand (CB9004), swimming (CB9111), playing paddleball (CB9003) and vollyball (CB91C2, CB91C3), riding jetskis (CB9001), in the bars (CB9002), with their children (CB9116), riding bicycles (CB91A0, talking on the phone (CB9010B), CB9161), and sometimes even in the street walking to their cars (CB9106, CB9113-14, CB9360)!
   Some of the girls appear to challenge each other as to who can wear the smallest bikini (CB9117). Another popular form of display is the careful changing in and out of bikinis (CB91C8).
   It is a very rare guy who wears a tanga here (CB9108)!
   The southern most of these two bars is Coconuts, site of a weekly bikini contest and some of best-looking girls of the Florida coast. At a bikini contest in 1991 the winning costumes are string adjustables. In 1993 wild pretzel maillots (CB9371, CB9375, CB9378), slingshots (CB9376, CB9379) and torpedos (CB9372, CB9373, CB9377) have taken hold, many homemade.
   The more northern bar, the Green Bar, has a slightly older crowd, but north up the beach tangas are also spotted. Sometimes they are slightly hidden (CB9184B) or uncertain (CB91B8). Here a tanga is worn by a more mature woman (CB9010J).