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Bikiniites, Models, and Stars in Bikini Science!
   The subjects who appear in Bikini Science come from many walks of life.
   Some of the photos are from family photo albums. Others are narratives recounted to the chief Bikini Scientist. Some are models at auditions or in bikini contests. There are also actresses, models, dancers and showgirls.
   Some of the pictures are from private photo shoots (Ann Benaduchi, Jill Daily, Jenny Horn, Karen Newburg, Linda Otis, Kelly Perkins, Ridley Roberts, Tony Thomas).
   Some are fashion models (Sheila Williams, Christie Brinkley, The Rio Promo Girls, Emma Perkins) shot by leading photographers.
   Still others feature famous pinup and movie stars (Annette Kellerman, Mata Hati, Josephine Baker, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, The Alt Girls).
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Models Defined
   In Bikini Science, models are the people who wear bikinis; they are the bikiniites. They are the Who in the Five Dubyas of Bikini Science.
   There is a dynamic between the bikiniites, who are watched and observed, and are the voyeure, and you, the observer, who is the voyeur.

Who are the Models?
   The ranks of the bikiniites include the rich and famous as well as ordinary people.
   First, Bikini Science seeks to represent each decade and major development with at least one representative "star." These profiles include the great innovators, like Annie Kellerman, who introduced the unitard and maillot and was a hero in her era, the Mata Hari, Josephine Baker, Claire McCardell, whose maillot cutout gave birth to the two-piece, deux-pièces pinup queens like Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot (the bikini girl herself), Peggy Moffit, who demoed the toples, and more modern pinup stars like Raquel Welch, Cheryl Tiegs, tanga queen Christie Brinkley, the 1990s topless crowd, and even 21st century performers like Lindsay Lohan.
   Bikini Science students will also discover hundreds of other stars, starlets, athletes, fashion models, actors and actresses, dancers, celebrities, and passersby, especially when their costume makes a statement. Some fall into the supermodel category, others are among the thousands who present fashion on runways, in magazines and catalogues, or who make news, or are featured in a magazine. Our selections come from books, advertising, film, television, posters, calendars, holograms, lantern slide sets, stereograms, and flea market snapshots. Some models are shot to illustrate specific Bikini Science concepts.
   Finally, bikiniites include real people on real beaches, at pools, lakes, ponds, rivers, plus any other place one might dare don a bikini. Real people in public places are typically called wildlife, and include the rank and file of of all types who appear in the real world or in media, both by chance and by design. Real people in private places are typically called privé. Wildlife provide us with some of our most interesting observations, because this is the behavior of real people in the real world.

   Models are the Who in the study of Bikini Science. Models are the us, the human axis that wears a certain costume at a certain place at a certain time and with a certain reason.
   Or just for the fun of it all.