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Marigot, St. Maartin, 1985-1988
Marigot, St. Maartin
   This quint little port town on the French side of this Caribbean island features shops, docks, restaurants, and hotels with sandy beaches and pools at the water's edge. Women in the little town are half-dressed (SM8519), and the shop clerks let you look down their blouses (SM8528). All the women at the hotel pools (SM8503) and beaches (SM8870) are topless, some always so (SM8506), and some don't even hestitate to hike topless along the seashore (SM8808). Women and men on the remote beaches are nude. A very few subjects gather their bikini bottoms in the back to bare their buttocks (SM8814) and fewer still braven the permanence of the topless g-string (SM8813).
   Some bikiniites know you are watching them (SM8503) and some hide (SM8518).
   Ideas woven into Marigot include the concept of venue--the concept of where a costume is worn. At Marigot this is amplified by the topless scene, which has a venue that includes breaches and pools but is more complicated. How topless is entered into and left is the subject of a number of these scenes (SM8820A, SM8820B). Some subjects confine their toplessness to their beach chairs (SM8816A, SM8852), whereas others seek a wider venue (SM8854), including hikes, showers (SM8507, SM8508, SM8812), and other activities.