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Jacob Riis Park, New York, 1985-1988
Riis Park
   This hugh Atlantic Ocean beach is located on one of several barrier reefs that define New York City's watery edge. Riis Park's deep sand can incorporate a million sunbathers on a hot city afternoon. To the extreme east the beach is dominated by gays and topless ladies. The center regions host the blankets of young adults and families of all class and color (RP8805). The eastern-most regions are the hang-out of teens. Swimsuits at Riis Park can be extreme, and it is one of the first places in America that tangas are spotted (RP8801, RP8802, RP8803), but they can also be trendy, and in the late 1980s develop the more covered-up look of the tankini (RP8812) and montante (RP8506, RP8509), and the T-front (RP8810). Some gals wear their bikinis all the way to the parking lot (RP8809).