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Japan, 1995-2005
   Japanese bikini fashions are Westernized, and these samples portray a point of view which occasionally purports to be real (CBA110), but is more often a pinup glamourization or even illustration (EC1017BS). During this period Japanese bikini silhouettes follow that of Europe and America, with costumes like the string bikini (EC0732A), the montante, and the v-kini mirroring Western trends in general. In the realm of the pinup, the Japanese sensitivity resonates all the Western themes, be they pasties (EC0732H), flirting with toplessness (EC0732F) or cutout creations (EC0732J, EC0732K), or explicit bare-breasted depictions.
   The Bikini Scientist is reminded that Japan, far more than the Americas or Europe, is an island culture, that most of its population leaves proximate to the ocean, and that the South Pacific is its holiday playground. In Japan the difference between the real beach, where a young woman might actually wear stockings, and the pinup beach, where she will probably go topless, is far more real than in America (or especially) Europe where the woman on the real beach really is topless and wearing only the smallest of g-strings.