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Woodstock Nation, 1965-1975
(Woodstock Nation)
   The Woodstock Nation is state of mind as well as a place. As a state of mind it is a more intimate relationship with nature--skinny-dipping in the nude, going topless at a rock concert, having sex in public.
   The Woodstock Nation takes it name from the famous rock music festival in New York on August 16, 1969, in which a crowd of 300,000 shared a vision of peace, love and brotherhood. But the late 1960s ideas is played out at many venue, like the Watkin's Glen Rock Festival. Here most wear halters and low-cut jeans shorts (WG7303, WG7304, WG7305, WG7312-13, WG7316, WG7352), some wear jeans with croptops (WG7302, WG7309), or halter tops (WG7306, WG7310, WG7311, WG7350), but others elect to go topless (WG7307-08), WG7314, WG7317). A obscured nude sits up on a car hood (WG7360), another buries her lower half in a sleeping bag (WG7315), and a very few walk about totally nude (WG7318, WG7361).
   As a state of mind and a place The Woodstock Nation includes an alternate arts festival like Wiz Bang Quick City, with its topless couples (WBQC7201, WBQC7203), nude kids (WBQC7205) and nude skinny dippers (WBQC7208, WBQC7209), as well as the quiet Upstate pond with a couple of nude bathers (ML7301).
   Although these pictures tend to focus on the styles of the 1970s, the spirit of the Woodstock Nation persists in the attitudes of people everywhere.