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Sesembra, Portugal, 1991
   Modern Europe has invaded the south shore of Portugal. Down below the old town and the rocky cliffs the beaches are very topless, with some tanga, although topless tanga and maillot tanga are rare. Very small bikinis also abound (SE9113B), some with briefs that are almost tangas (SE9114C). Children run about nude.
   Changings abound, especially novel maillot to bikini changing, doff and dons, strapoffs, rolldowns. Athletics are also popular, including walking, running, swimming in the ocean, and paddleball (SE9188).
   The venue of the toplessness is from the beach into the water. Some topless women roam the beach widely (even during romantic moments (SE9131)), but others cover up even to go to the sea (SE9176). Topless women never venture inland to the sidewalk or beyond, and although bikinis are sometimes worn up through the old town to the hotels even that is an exception.