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Guadeloupe, 1988
   This bird's eye view looks down at the beach resorts located on the southern shore of this Carabbean island. You are in French territory here, and the terrain is very topless..., and a little bit tanga.
   East most (to the left of the picture because we are on the south shore and looking to the South) is the Aberge Resort. Here a pregnant puts her top on to go swimming (G8849) while another who does not almost looses her string in the surf (G8853).Meanwhile a long ranger changes into tanga bottoms underwater (G8823). A more conservative sunbather only briefly exposes a breast (G8848). A concrete sea wall and jetty just to the west (G8870) is a favorite sunning spot (G8850, G8851). Further west (and toward the right of the screen) lie other hotel pools and beaches: At the Callinago women of all ages roll their maillots down to the bare minimum to sunbathe (G8835, G8837); these guests include the most extreme exhibitionists, clad only in topless g-strings (G8880, G8881). A solo man also adopts this minimalist costume (G8878). But not all are totally exposured; this bikiniite adopts a very modulated exposure (G8866). This beach is shrouded in trees, here seen just after a rainstorm (G8819, G8821). At the Callinago and other pools topless bikiniites swim, rise their feet, sit on the edge of the pool and sun themselves (G8852D), use showers, and doff and don their tops. Next is the Arawak with its beach (G8826, G8827) and pool (G8877). The Salako, with a very topless pool scene (G8852C) and a very topless beach (G8812-13, G8814-16), also has a very few bikiniites who transet topless between the two (G8852E, G8852F), a rareity, as well as those who stay topless when they go bathing (G8807) and windsurfing (G8804) in the sea.
Most doff their tops when they arrive at the beach (G8801-02, G8803), but a few rare long rangers even walk to the parking lots topless (G8841, G8890).
   Guadeloupe's beaches are also infested with a wonderful phenomena called the swimsuit peddler. The swimsuit peddler is a living fashion model, usually carrying a bag of swimsuits, and who changes into and out of them, modeling them by parading around the beach, or quickly changing into and out of them with a prospect. In order to facilitate this experience, the peddler's basic costume is a topless tanga. Peddlers at Guadeloupe include G8817A and G8822.