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Wabasso Beach, Florida, 1984-1986
(Wabasso Beach)
   Rural Florida locals mix with tourists at this still out-of-the way Atlantic beach, known for good surfing and pretty girls. Away from urban centers bikinis styles and fashions are sometimes strikingly contemporary (WB8603), but they can also adopt a slightly indecent aspect (WB8503).
   Pure string bikinis, with slide casings in the top and sidetie string bottoms are rare here, although the components of this look are everywhere. String halters combine with string briefs--but not string sidetie briefs (WB8402, WB8405). Slide casing string halters combine with immature v-kinis (WB8408).
   Bikiniites at Wabasso exhibit a rich tableaux of tieology, retying halters into bandeaux (WB8401), untieing halter straps (WB8409), untieing bandeau straps (WB8412), and unfastening and retying maillot straps (WB8411). One sidegather is spotted, but her ties are left dangling (WB8407), and one sidetie has her string tied into a sidering (WB8420). Glimmers of the slide-side silhouette are emerging (WB8406, WB8502), also with the slide-side halters cross tied to briefs (WB8403). Low-waitline nombrils are the dominate brief, with teases of pubic hair not uncommon (WB8413, WB8414).
   Away from the main beach, and inside the front porch of a cottage, an adventuresome tourist wears an adjustable that completely bares her behind (SF8501).