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Help in Understanding Bikini Science!
Welcome to Bikini Science for an Introduction, Navigation, FAQs. Exposures detail parts of the body. Charts and Visualization Models plot relationships. Credits includes Bibliography and Acknowledgements.
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The Professor Defined
   The Professor is your guide for help, frequently asked questions, credits and references. But at a more subtle grain this section attempts to address the Why of Bikini Science. And Why is among the most elusive of the Five Dubyas. The other four dubyas, who wears what where and when are fairly factual in nature. The why takes us into the realm of theory, motivation, momentum, and the social physics of the equation.

Why Bikini Science
   Bikini Science analyzes the eroticism of the swimsuit, and seeks to illuminate the bikini's erotic edge; that is, where exposures are changing, in what direction, and why. Our mission here is two-fold: one part concerns distinction--how to label and classify a bikini--while the other part examines the who, when and where aspects of the bikini contextually and dynamically. The bikini is not a costume that is only about swimming. It is about fashion as well.
   Uninhibited? That is the question here. For the bikini has always had an edge, a line of permissibility that separates the risqué from the swift. It is a line in constant motion, changing not only from season to season, but from location to location as well. It is not so much that a bikini is sexy, it's the change in its size and shape, and where it is worn, that signals and communicates eroticism.

Bikini Science Analysis
   Times change, and one of our missions is to document and understand that change so as to discover the erotic excitement of the edge, not only of today, but of ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and one-hundred years ago.
   Much of this analysis draws upon the work of Flugel and his study of the shifting erogenous zones. The social pressures on swimwear that cause shifting erogenous zones are not entirely known, but this work does develop several of them: courting behavior of individuals, business and manufacturing pressures, models or stars who desire publicity, and photographers and publications (the media) who associate sales with pushing the limits of curiosity. We will also show how new species are spawned as the result of catastrophic collisions between moving fashion lines, such as the creation of string bikini.
   Is the quest of reactive factors and erotic variables pseudo-science? Is Bikini Science pseudo-psychology? Is the whole notion oxymoronic? Perhaps, but getting aroused involves being knowledgeable. A bikini is a thing of its own, it has its own action. So Bikini Science does portend to be serious, but it also seeks to be frivolous, flirtatious, and fun.