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Upstate New York, 1965-1975
(Upstate New York)
   Mountain streams and lakes, city parks, driveways, art festivals and a culture of college, crafts and counterculture dot this map. The time is the late 1960s and early 1970s and pretty girls test all the limits of dress, decorum, and decoration. String bikinis are spotted at an office barbecue on the finger lakes (SL7110, SL7120). A young woman at Jamesville Reservoir, south of Syracuse, wears a softtop halter and low-cut briefs (JR7301). Another slides her dress off so she can gather sun in her bra (BA7310). A woman at a lakefront beach cottage wears the smallest string bikini (CN7310). The summer lakes and ponds invite skinny-dipping (ES730A) and nighttime nude dips (ES7403), sometimes in the accompaniment of strangers (WL7610). Women at a deserted pond bath topless and naked (ML7301), as do couples in the Adirondacks (LR7630).
   In the city a gal wears only the smallest string bikini while loading her car in the driveway (ED7610), and another works in her garden in full view of the street (MH7610). A college student sunbathes on the back porch in her underwear (MK7306), another in the backyard accidently looses her top (RN7301). An actress has a bikini accident during a film shoot (SY7110). Bare bellies are in abundance, but it is the rare subject *never* covers hers (DR7710). Downtown, bikinis have almost become street clothes, as halters and shorts combinations approximate swimwear and turn up on city streets (ES7301). Bikini tops penetrate the downtown art fairs (SAF7301), Saturday parks and shopping, and rock concerts. Some women even wear see-through blouses on the city streets (LR7610).