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Coney Island, New York, 1987-1992
(Coney Island)
   Perhaps the most famous of New York City's many beaches, Coney Island combines an amusement park and legend. Nathans, the Fun House on the boardwalk, and a deep beach that may host one million visitors on a hot summer day are all part of the attraction. During the laste 1980s and early 1990s Coney Island becomes a breakout spot for tanga (CI8901, CI8906), maillot tanga (CI9008), and almost tanga (CI8908, CI8909). Other leading edge styles also proliferate, including the microkini (CI9106C), montante (CI9106E, again CI9106C), and maillot cutout (CI9210). This GenXer wears underwear on the beach (CI9270). Many woman explore the limits of strapoff (CI8903, CI8907), including displaying areolage (CI8908), and other forms of see-through (CI9003).