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Fire Island, New York, 1983 and 1988
(Fire Island, New York)
   Playground of rich New Yorkers, young singles on the cruse, young married with kids, families, gays. Where teenage daughters test out small bikinis on older men, where 20-somethings command eyeful attention, where 30-somethings snare the lawyer-types, where 40-somethings adopt the mature aloofness of sex, and where the 50-plus crowd prove that they can also be young in spirit.
   In 1983 fashions at Fire Island capture a springboard of change, documenting a range of fashions from the very low cut sideties to the emerging v-kini (FI8319) and bandeau rediscovery (FI8302), often very sleek. Also of note is a new generation of maillots, often with high leglines, deep cleavage, and new dynamics (FI8306, FI8308, FI8310).
   Another group of fashions document the decade advanced to 1988: these fashions reflect the emerging trend of variations in maillot designs. These include some early manifestations of the sidering miokini (FI8821), the suspender (FI8819), and the t-front with all its top and not possibilities (FI8820). The mature miokini is a very tight silhouette (FI8817, FI8818), and there is flirtation with tanga about.