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Cancun, Mexico, 1989
   Club Med at Cancun is a playground for singles and a getaway for couples. French owned and operated, it brings a taste of a playful and topless lifestyle to opressed Americans and a few Europeans who have braved the trip.
   Subjects vary somewhat about location/venue territorial range of their toplessness. No topless subjects are spotted at the pool, but topless sunbathing and swimming on the beaches is common.
   Many of the subjects at Cancun demonstrated restrained territoriality. At the minimum they only remove their tops in order to lie on their chests, in order to "avoid the strap lines on the back." The Ponytail (C8901) who tries this is flushed out by some rain, but in later days relaxes a bit. Some of the subjects, like the older French White, only remove tops when they are reclining on their beach chairs or sitting on the beach, others will stand up near their spot to change but will not move away topless. For the Green (C8904) or the string halter top at the Snorkel Beach the short journey to the ocean, or to another group of friends nearby is preceded by a topon and recompensed with a topoff upon returning to her original sunning site. A woman in a suspender keeps her bandeau on (C8933).
   Other women, often older, range further afield. These include the Blue String, who walks from her site near the snorkel shack down the snorkel beach and into the ocean. In fact walking topless down to the ocean and back is practiced by many women, but not all. The woman near the LaPalapas appears to have difficulity getting back out of the water. The extreme far-rangers included a French woman and her daughter who are spotted walking from their cabin all the way to the beach and back (C8902-03).
   Tangas and g-strings are rarer than topless. Of the two spotted at the pool this week one incorporates a flapped design (C8908) whereas the other brazenly parades from the pool to the beach in her g-string (C8909).
   These practices vary at other beachtimes. For example on Gaudloupe and St Maartin in 1988, topless g-stringed subjects routinely walked along the ocean, and the more adventuresome range back and forth from the beach to the pools topless. Far-ranging behaviors including walking back to the room, walking to parking lots, windsurfing, snorkeling, wandering off to watch tennis, and visiting the bar.
   Cancun also hosts some wild beach parties (C8964, C8977).