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Marilyn Monroe
The Sex Symbol

Born June 1, 1926
Height 5' 5.5"
Statistics 37C-25-36
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity American

A Pin-up Starlet
   American-born Marilyn Monroe's fame as a sex star begins in the late 1940s, and lasts through the 1950s and 1960s until her untimely death.
   Monroe's first swimsuit pictures are backyard poses in a rather typical deux-pièces (MM4501) and maillot. She is 19 at the time. She models a halter and sarong deux-pièces for a screen test for Fox (MM4601), seemingly oblivious of the invention of the bikini in France only a few days before, and continues to model conservative deux-pièces throughout the remainder of the 1940s (MM4701), even when she goes skiing on a sand dune (MM4720).
   In 1962 Marilyn begins production of Something's Got to Give. Now, at the height of her career, she stripteases the season's latest bra and sidegather bikini (MM6250), and performs a nude pool scene, her first nude modeling since the calendar shots for Tom Kelly twelve years before. The bikini poses are certainly not Marilyn's raciest, but they are stylish and contemporary.

   Monroe is many things: a pin-up girl, a sex icon, a movie star.
Marilyn Monroe First Deux-Pièces MM4501 (4)
Marilyn Monroe Deux-Pièces Halter & Sheath MM4601 (1)
Marilyn Monroe Halter & Sheath MM4701 (1)
Marilyn Monroe Goes Skiing MM4720 (3)
Marilyn Monroe Not My Belly Button! (4)