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Ann Benaduchi
The Professional Dancer

Age 20
Height 5' 4"
Weight 100#
Statistics 31A-25-35
Hair Blackhair
Eyes Brown
Dress size 3-5
Ethnicity Italian American

The Audition and Interview
   Ann brings in her portfolio for a shooting interview. It contains a mixture of candids and art photography, and includes nudes with some of the town's best shooters.
   Ami is a native New Yorker. Her mother is a mixture Sicilian and Italian and her father a mixture of Algerian and North Italian. "I have a very exotic look," she says, "and most people can't place where I am from. I have light and dark. I've been mistaken for every kind of middle-Easterner and South American. I've done a lot a shooting for Asian fashion magazines because I look that part too. I don't look anything like the rest of my family."
   "Primarily I'm a dancer. I do modern, African, Brazilian, Samba, Haitian, and others Eventually dance comes down to being about several things: war, birth, death, food, and sex, although not necessarily in that order.
   "The kind of modeling I do is mostly art or fashion. A lot of it is sexually surreal. I do nude modeling but I don't do sex on film or anything like that. I have done things where I am wrapped up, like with black electrical tape, and I do a lot of things with makeup, including body paint.
   "For a while I was a go-go dancer at the Clit Club, which is a lesbian bar, and at Tattooed Love Child, which was a wild fetish club which only lasted about a year. I also danced at the Pyramid Club on Avenue A. I would come out and strip down a g-string and pasties, or topless. But I never worked at strip joints, you know, where just men go."
   When asked about her measurements Ami says, "go ahead, feel me." And she slips out of her dress to audition her figure. She rolls her tights down to show hair, which is trimmed in but stubbled out around the edges, in what is called a racing stripe.
   "I has no problem modeling pinup or provocative poses," she says. "When I decide to take the money I just do the work."

The Shoots
   Ann shoots a variety of material, including a see-through metallic bra (AB9305), and very small crochet bikinis (AB9359BS). Ann also models a small slingshot maillot (AB9340), a suspender maillot that is also bare behind (AB9342), and stripper outfits. It is always excellent.

   Ann is used to showing her body.