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Alt Girls
These pinups have lots of tattoos and body art

Age Mostly 20s
Characteristics Pierced and Tattooed
Ethnicity Caucasion

Alt Girl Madness
   The Alt Girl, or Alternate Girl borrows her name from an alternative subculture, and include models with body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and scarifications, as well as temporary modifications such as dyed hair. One example of the Alt Girl is the Suicide Girl, which takes it names from a namesake website which features a teasy glamour pinup notable for the romance of her body art and her personality. Sometimes a Suicide Girl qualifies as a bikini girl, but our romance with her is the resonance between the bikini and the body art. Another website featuring this ils is Burning Angel, founded by alt porn star Joanna Angel.
   The Alt Girl is tattooed and pierced and ready to be naked and is proud of it (ZP5120BS).
   The Chief Bikini Scientist is drawn to include the Alt Girl in this bastion of bikiniology because of the possibility they represent the emergence of the post-bikini era.
   No longer does the bikini simply descend to reveal the navel; the navel itself is pierced and decorated.
   No longer is the bikini "le minimum" and the focal point of retribalization. Not even the topless g-string on a public beach. For the bikini of cloth is being replaced by a "bikini" of ink and metal, permanently decorating the skin and the body.
      With the Suicide Girl, breasts and nipples are no longer covered by increasingly smaller triangles of fabric, or even pasties. Frequently the nipple are pierced, and with a wide vocabulary of jewelry, such as horizontal barbells, UGA7C1-C2, UGA7D1), vertical bars (UGA630, UGA770), loops (UGA7E1-E2, UGA820), rings (UGA620, URA750), and more, including double studs (UGA730-31) and curved and straight combinations (UGA760). Or maybe just one nipple is pierced (UGA710-19).
   In more extreme situations the areola themselves are tattooed (UGA521BS, UGA810-12), or the areola and nipple are tattooed in combination with a piercing (UGA850BS).
   The topless top is becoming decorated.
   The introduction of body art into a pinup space revolutionizes the medium. No longer does the bikini (or its lingerie or other pinup equivalent) play solely with the curves of the body; sort of a size and placement issue. Size and placement are still an issue, of course, even more so, because the covering and the exposure are moderated by the tattoos and body art (UGA760). The voyeur wants to see the rest of the tattoo (UGA790), no matter which way he or she must chase it. The tattoos and piercings also introduce a new dimension of body play. Here for example, is a pinup that combines hands-covering-the breasts teases the the possibility of areola tattoos. Now the voyeur has some tactical details to hunt for (UGA7B0).
   Although a topless g-string might get exceedingly small, the play between any bikini and any tattoo which descends into it invites consideration: The body art complements the bikini, becomes a part of it (UGA7A0). And perhaps there may be the substitution of bikini with bodyart, where the tattoos and piercing can perhaps approximate the g-string (UGA7F1), if not the bikini entirely (UGA910)!
   It is a new world, and the roots in the new are a beautiful advancement of the tribal.
Alt girl tattooed
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Areolas UGA850BS
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Pudenda
Tattooed Pudenda