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Charts and Graphs and Visualization Models
   Bikini Science studies the organization of the bikini--and to a broader extent the swimsuit--but it also seeks to study its dynamics: how it plays both in media and the real world.
   The diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables contained in this dubya grouping are a loose affiliated of illustrations which illustrate these kind of ideas.
   So in one sense they represent a scientific visualization that synthesizes, and perhaps artistically models, the players costumes and actions in variation and over time. See how one can put nomenclature, actions, and theories of bikini science work.

Interesting Charts and Graphs
   Changing Perceptions of Fashion
   Preen Rates: Year by Media
   Legline Graph 1900-1920
   Lowering Waistline Graph
   Belly-Up Belly-Down 1935-2000
   The Relationship with the Bikiniite

Changing Comparison Graphs
   Maillot Haftops & Halfbras & Pasties Crosstable
   Halfbras & Pasties Crosstables
   Pasties with & without Culotte Crosstables
   Maillot Siderings vs. Centerrings
   Sidering Maillot Miokini Animation
   Offshoulder Diagram

Bikini Science Concepts
   Genus & Species of Swimwear
   Soutien-gorge & Culotte Defined
   The Silhouette Concept
   Modifiers & Adjectives (Maillot Example)
   The Fashion Lines Animated
   The Parts of the Body
   Body Landmarks Illustrated
   Labeling Example (G-string)

The Maillot I-front Nonsense
   The Maillot I-front Closed
   The Maillot I-front Open
   The Maillot I-front Strapped
   The Maillot I-front Strapless
   The Maillot I-front Layered

Background Information
   How to Measure Bikini Size
   How to Measure Bra Size
   The PhotoZonal System
   Swimsuit Recordtype Variables

Charts, tables, measurements, comparisons.