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The Loincloth Defined
   A loincloth is a species of culotte of primitive origin whose name derives from the Latin lumbus, meaning the pelvic region. It consists of a waistband and a flap of cloth which hangs in front of the pubic region (fig. 35-11). Strictly speaking, the cloth does not pass through the crotch; if it did the culotte would be a g-string, not a loincloth. Still worn by millions of people daily, often topless, and including both men (WH188510) and women, the loincloth is a dress staple on the planet. It is wonderfully seductive, hanging freely in front of either sex, obscuring the sex but not prohibiting its viewing from behind, or while the wearer is leaning over. It may also fail to mask aroused behavior, particularly in the male.

Loincloth Origins
   Major details about the origins of the loincloth are found in Time Machine section Primitive Costumes. The loincloth is worn especially in tropical climates by jungle people, as well as by surfers (WH188510). The loincloth has a rich tradition with performers, be they Arab musicians (EG188810) or vaudeville performers (GP2610). And it provides a sexy costume when wants to do modern restages of primitive peoples, e.g., Tarzan and Jane (TJ3410-70, TJ3910-30), or the One Million Years B.C. cave woman (RW196605).
   With the advent of the topless beach and the reduction of the string bikini the loincloth becomes a pinup reality of beach fantasy (BR197370, BR197390). Its advantage in this milieu is that it puts the pubic hair into play (JE9016B), and like other modern bikinis, adds risk to the equation.

Related Costumes
   It has been said that the loincloth is the merger of the waistband and the fig leaf.
   In females the loincloth sometimes takes the form of a small apron which covers the genitals (LL5908).
   The loincloth should not be confused with the g-string, which similarly covers the genitals but which also has a string through the posterior rugae, giving it three edges as opposed to the two edges of the loincloth. Nor should it be confused with the string brief, which, like the loincloth, uses a string waistband, but embodies a closed crotch.

   The loincloth merges the waistband and the fig leaf and is one of the most widely worn costumes on the planet.