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2000-2005: The Influence of the Ecdysiast
Future Surprises?
   If the future is to grow out of the past--and it only partly will--it will contain some shockers for us, things we aren't quite yet prepared to see next, like chopstick bikinis (CBA110). In America 1990s trends included the tanga bikini, the pretzel maillot, and forays into toplessness in New York and California. Future trends may well embroil quite countervailing trends--high-necked yet bottomless, loincloths with no nether closure, rigid plastic springs, and counterpointed materials. And, although the swimsuit designer has already borrowed heavily from the costumes of the primitive as well as the ecdysiast, there still remain gems in both of these domains worthy of mining.
   In 1946 only a stripper would wear Louis Réard's original bikini design and, in a very real sense, the evolution of the bikini has borrowed heavily from the wardrobe of the ecdysiast. Beyond micro halter and brief designs (NYA150), swimsuits have incorporated string and fastening details, the topless, the g-string, pasties and appliques (SPA010), the fishnet and the see-through. Yet, still, the ecdysiast remains a source of ideas: the pretzel maillot, the slingshot (ZX3K26BS), ZX3K60BS), the torpedo (WK9546BS), or the transparent pasty (TF9502) and the liquid latex pasty (TF9503)

Retro and High Fashion
   In some respects the bikini is an established silhouette, so high fashion may well involve baking the cake with touches from the past (BEA550).But it is also true that traditional bikini silhouettes continue to remain popular, especially the now-traditional string halter and string brief (MHC341), or with a scooped waistline that incorporates the v-kini silhouette (MHC351). Here a string halter and tanga incorporate a fringe which could be just as easily be swirled by an ecdysiast (MHC331).
   Another source of resonance is fetishwear, which is influenced by the bikini as well as influences it (LESYA2BS). Fantasy illustration plays another role (EC1017BS).
   Quite in contrast to today's skin-tight elastics is a harder, sometimes looser-fitting bikini, made from rigid materials like shells and metals, sand dollars or pearls (fig. 35-3), still quite at home on the stage.

Manna for the Designer
   An aspiring designer, especially in post-topless society, may find resources for more casual breast coverage that can complement the g-string. These includes pasties and applique, nipple shields (FKA47A), breast drapes (fig. 35-4) and even peek-a-boo boobless (EC0732J, EC0732K) and nippleless exposures (fig. 35-5), designed to get attention in even a topless culture. This teasy topless Japanese maid holds a leaf in front of her breasts (EC0732F). Even less unlikely to make it outdoors is the crotchless (fig. 35-7), although no one really expected to see the g-string on the beach either.
   The male of the species who, at least in the Temperate Zone, lacks a deep tradition of display dance, may also turn to the tropics for inspiration. Compared to futuristic Hollywood (fig. 35-8), the African wears his member in a stick tied around the waist (fig. 35-9); while the Japanese encapsulates the privates in a sack which is not unlike a g-string (fig. 35-10). It's the type of thing the post-Punk Generation might do.
   One may also return to the loincloth, worn by both sexes; a patch of cloth, suspended by a string round the waist, shielding the sex organs from front view, but of course, not encasing them (fig. 35-11). and not covering the rear.
   The loincloth minus the cloth is the waistband, a string around the waist, and the loincloth minus the waistband is the fig leaf (fig. 35-12), which returns us to our beginning.

Celebrity Flashings
   By the middle of the decade, and possibly driven by the Internet, the new Internet media fused with the culture of the athletes and performers. This is further driven by the publicity machines of those who want to perform and or become rich by being famous. Paris Hilton, heiress to a hotel chain, capitalizes on an illicit videotape of her engaged in an oral sex act; she becomes a person-of-interest, a celebrity. She models, she appears, she flashes. But she is a style setter, a member of the rich and famous.
   The good doctor is pleasd to wake up and discover that the bikini remains part of the landscape. It is worn by every television star, movie star, debutant, celebrity. Are there any differences in the silhouettes, or have we seen them all?
   Kristin Durst breaks out on one of those Big Pictures and becomes a bikiniite favorite circa 2004. Her repertoire includes a single string, and a bag full of a center-ring bandeaus (UDA440), worn to calamity (UDA450). Jessica Alba swabs sand out of the back of her bottoms (AJA580) and Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova brushes sand out of the front of her bottoms (AKA516). Lucy Clarkson, a flesh-and-blood actress of the game character Laura Croft, yachts Majorca topless (CLA5CW-CX).
   Exactly how much of this is shot for placement in the media--the Internet included--and how much is genuine paparazzi is anyone's guess. Whatever the mix between the real and the synthetic the fact remains that there exists a media dynamic between the surfers, who seek to discover stars, and the stars themselves, who seek to discover surfers.
The stripper and the bikiniite.
   2001--Amy Gunderson is acquitted on indecent exposures charges after preparing to march in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade wearing only body paint and a thong. The Brooklyn judge agrees that women are entitled to expose their breasts, particularly when participating in an artistic exhibition.
   2001--Pam Anderson sports shaven pubes in a David LaChapelle pictorial in July Playboy. Miss August lathers up, and Miss September, Dalene Kurtis, combines smooth pubes and navel jewelry. Although racing stripes and close shaves will continue to dominate Playboy's centerfolds, the bald barrier is finally broken by a very late adopter.
   2002--The Vatican criticizes women who wear crosses as jewelry while it tries to figure out what to do about priests who have sexually molested children.
   2002--Elisabeth Eaves writes Bare, a book about the experiences of this Columbia University Masters graduate experiences as a stripper.
   2003--CBS broadcasts the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, bringing lingerie to prime time.
   2003--Hotel heiress Paris Hilton achieves international notoriety after hardcore sex tapes of her turn up on the Internet. Within weeks she becomes the most sought-after search item, and is rewarded with her own network TV show.
   2004--Uproar occurs when Janet Jackson's breast and nipple shield is flashed during a live half-time performance at the Super Bowl.
   2004--Porno Karaoke, in which patrons of a bar or night club act out scenes in sync with video emerges as a fad in New York and Japan.
   2005--Scientists manipulate a single gene in fruit flies that exists in female and male variants. Females given the male variant act like males and pursue other females; males given the female variant become passive and turn their sexual attention to other males.
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