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Jenny Horn Topless Ring Tanga

59th Street Studio, New York
August 1993 JE9376

   Topless and Her Sassy Kisses green sidering and ring back nylon and spandex tanga. Purchased at Tara's in New Orleans.

   TMLBA. N-5..

   A devilish Jenny lies with her back on the floor and her knees up (1). She lies back and cascades her arms above her head (2). Rings are an element of the brief, and connect the center front to the sides (3) as well as the sides to the t-back (4). Jenny sits up (5) and gets to her feet.

   Rings and straps play a roll in a tanga that bears a resemblance to that of an earlier foray (CB7501), except here the v-kini influence is unmistakable.

   Fantasmo. 5 pictures.
JE937613.JPG JE937611.JPG JE937609.JPG
JE937615.JPG JE937608.JPG