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Christie Brinkley Slide-Side Halter Tied to a V-kini

Studio, America
June 1977 CB7710

   Purple slide-side halter tied to a v-kini, with the knot placed over her navel.

   TML with dual armpits. N-4.

   Christie stands with her hands in her hair looking at the camera (1).

This image completely defines the new slide-side halter and v-kini silhouette, and as such, it marks a radical change from the current fashion of the string halter and string brief. By the early 1980s the slide-side will acquire market share, but the v-kini will completely replace the nombril. Note that foundations again play a role in the bikini.

   Francesco Scavullo, photographer, Cosmopolitan, June 1977, cover. Also "Elite Model Management: Girls," Elite Model Book, 150 E. 58th St., New York, NY, May-August 1979, p. 7. 1 picture.