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Soutien-gorge: The Bikini Top
The Skivvy
   Select from the following table of contents for details on various species of soutien-gorge.

Table of Species
   Soutien-gorge Defined
   Undershirt and Camisole
   Shelf Bra
   Push-Up Bra
   Soft-top Halter
   Neck-ring Halter
   Criss-cross Halter
   String Halter
   Slide-side (and slide casings)
   Tube Tops
   Breast Drapes
   Cutouts and Demi-bras
   Nipple Jewelry
   Wilds (Unclassified)
   Topless (No Top)
   Backs: T back, X back, other

   The many species of the top half of the bikini.
Defined Shirt Sleeveless Undershirt
Vest Croptop Brassiere Shelf Bra
Push-Up Bra Tankini Soft-top Neck-ring
Criss-cross String Slide-side Bandeau
Bustier Tubes Drapes Spider
Demi-bras Half-bra Pasties Jewelry
Wilds Topless Handbra Backs