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The Bathing Dress: The First Swimsuit
   Select from the following table of contents for details on various species of the bathing dress.

Table of Species
   Bathing Dress Longsleeved Bustled (1850)
   Bathing Dress Longsleeved Bloomered (1850)
   Bathing Dress Middie Bloomered (1870)
   Bathing Dress Shortsleeved Bloomered (1890)
   Bathing Dress Shortsleeved Bloomerless (1901)
   Bathing Dress Sleeveless Bloomerless (1905)

   The different species of the bathing dress.
Longsleeved Bustled Longsleeved Bloomered Middie Bloomered Shortsleeved Bloomered
Shortsleeved Bloomerless Sleeveless Bloomerless