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Kelly Perkins Hands Covering Breasts Matrix

Studio 48, New York
September 21, 1988 KP88S1

   Topless with hands covering breasts.

   TM > TMB.

   Kelly models all the combinations of none, one and two hands covering the breasts in comparison matrix a la Desmond Morris. Topless with crossed hands covering and uncovering the breasts: both hands covering crisscross (1) and side-by-side (2). Right and left hands on opposite (3, 4) and adjacent breasts (5,6), and neither hand (7). Morris would observe there is still another position, a variation of the first position where the left arm would overlay the right.

   Catch Kelly where she is covering herself but has fleeting hands (KP88I1).

   Fantasmo. Topless with crossed hands covering and uncovering the breasts, 3 positions (no breast, opposite breast, adjacent breast) x 2 hands (left and right). 7 pictures.
KP88S101.JPG KP88S102.JPG KP88S103.JPG
KP88S104.JPG KP88S105.JPG KP88S106.JPG