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Kelly Perkins Topless Black G-string Bikini & Hands

28 West 48th St., New York
September 21, 1988 KP88I1

   Topless Gotcha black tanga.
   Hands and Gotcha black tanga.

   TMLBA. N-2. Hairage to the side.

   Kelly shoots fives, some of which are here. She's topless, but covers her breasts with her hands (1). When she turns around she continues to clench herself (2). Turning back around and during a gesture she reveals only a single breast (3).

   This is not quite a hands-over-the-breasts matrix (Kelly does perform in KP88S1). See also with the shells halter (KP88I2). Over unitard (KP88G2).

   Fantasmo. 3 pictures.
KP88I110.JPG KP88I109.JPG KP88I141.JPG