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Kelly Perkins Size 2A Pasties and Small G-string

Studio 48, New York
September 21, 1988 KP88F9

   Anne L'String crochet pink pasties and g-string. Pasties are size 2A; g-string is size small.

   TMLA. N-4. Cleavage cleavy. Tan lines. A curl of hairage.

   Kelly returns newly glued and models the pink pasties lying on her side (1, 2). Her breasts are obviously unsupported (3, 4) and are free to move when Kelly does (5, 5, 7). She sits (8, 9, 10) and pauses for a solo shots of her right (11) and left (12) pasty. She reclines on her back for a full-body pose (13), closeups of her chest (14), and her g-string (15), then rolls onto her belly to show off her bare back (16) and buttocks (17).

   The pinks are one size smaller than the reds (KP88F7), and one size bigger than the lavenders (KP88F6). The sized pasties suggest a dynamic, a temporal component, a game, and methods of transverse. You can explore this.

   Fantasmo, "Sized Crochet Pasties Set," 1989. 17 pictures.
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