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Kelly Perkins Size 6A Pasties and Nombril

Studio 48, New York
September 21, 1988 KP88F8

   Anne L'String crochet yellow pasties and string nombril. Pasties are size 6A (size AAAAAA).

   TML. N-3. Cleavage cleavy. Tan lines.

   Kathy carefully glues the yellow pasties onto her nipples. They float like dots in the midst of a wave of untanned breasts. Then she reclines on her back on a towel (1). She sits up (2), then relaxes for a two shot (3) and portraits of her left (4, 5) and right (6, 7) yellow circles. The pasties just barely cover her areola. Closeups of her string brief front (8) and back (9) follow, along with a final torso shot lying on her back (10) and on her belly (11).

   These pasties are three sizes smaller than the lavender ones (KP88F6). (But the culotte is a lot bigger than the pink g-string; an example of trade-offs.)
   The sized pasties are a special crochet pasties theme. Pasties regulate areolage and together the costume and the exposure sing a duet.

   Fantasmo, "Sized Crochet Pasties Set," 1989. 11 pictures.
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