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Kelly Perkins Size A Pasties & String Culotte

Studio 48, New York
September 21, 1988 KP88F7

   Annie l'String crochet red size A pasties and sidetie string culotte.

   TML. N-5. Tan lines. Hairage.

   Kelly models Annie's large red pasties along with one of her modest string briefs (1, 2). The briefs are considerably smaller than what she has been wearing to the beach, judging from the tan lines. Closeups of the pasties (3), briefs front (4) and back (5, 6), and the pasties individually, right (7, 8, 9) and left (10, 11, 12, 13).

   The "reds," as the Kelly calls them, are the largest of the "Sized Crochet Pasties Set." Here is the next smaller size, ... "Hummm, pinks and this is definitely a smaller bottom too," Kelly adds as she holds her next change (KP88F9).

   Fantasmo, "Sized Crochet Pasties Set," 1989. 13 pictures.
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