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Kelly Perkins AAA Pasties and Mini G-string

Studio 48, New York
September 21, 1988 KP88F6

   Annie l'String crochet lavender size 3A (aka AAA) pasties and size mini g-string.

   TMLBA. N-5. Tan lines. Hairage.

   Kelly changes and returns to stand for a full-figure pose (1). The camera moves in to her torso (2), and her 34B breasts (3). She raises her arms (4). The g-string lies against her tan in front (5) and back (6, 7). Closeups of the pasties left (8, 9, 10) and right (11, 12, 13). Everything is getting smaller.

   "I get it," says Kelly, "As they get smaller the color changes! The size bigger (KP88F9) is more ..., and the size smaller is...?" Well, three sizes smaller is the yellows (KP88F8)!
   "And do the bottoms keep getting smaller too?" Kelly asks, as she reaches out for her next change.

   Fantasmo, "Sized Crochet Pasties Set," 1989. 13 pictures.
KP88F601.JPG KP88F602.JPG KP88F603.JPG
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