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Kelly Perkins Ring Bikini

28 West 48th Street., New York
September 21, 1988 KP880L

   Yanah blue polka-dot center-ring back-fastener bandeau and ring-front and ring-back v-kini.

   TML. N-3.

   Kelly poses in a ring bikini (1).
   This bikini is a very well thought out fusion between the v-kini silhouette and the use of rings. It features rings in both the bandeau and brief. In the bandeau they connect the two sides of the bandeau in the center (2). In the brief a ring is placed at the front center of the v-kini (3). This ring creates a hole directly above the pubic hair and gathers in the fabric around it. A matching ring is placed in the back center of the culotte (4).

   This is the same bikini that Kelly models at her audition (KP8800).

   Fantasmo. 27 pictures.
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