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Kelly Perkins Auditions for Topless Work

25 West 45th St., New York
September 14, 1988 KP8800

   Croptop and slacks.
   Yanah blue and white polka-dot center-ring bandeau and center-ring v-kini.
   Topless and v-kini.
   Hands covering breasts and v-kini.

   TML doff TMLB don TML. N-3.

   Kelly arrives for her audition in a croptop and tight slacks, knowing that the job in question involves topless swimsuit modeling. Her belly button flashes on and off.
   "I've never modeled topless before," she decrees, "but I think I'm ready for it!"
   The photographer hands her a bikini to try on.
   She examines it and inquires, "Do you want me to change right here or do you want me to go somewhere else to change?"
   He waves her off into the next room. She returns a moment later with the top and bottoms on (1).
   "Ta ta!" She dances and turns around.
   "You look good in it," the photographer complements.
   "Thank goodness. Now I suppose you want me to take my top off?" she grimaces. Carefully she reaches around behind her and unfastens the backstrap (2). She catches it as it falls forward just a bit (3), and looks up slyly as she teases out her left nipple (4). For a moment she can't go any further, and wraps herself with her hands (5), but then she relaxes and lets it fall away completely from one breast (6), then two (7), and looks down as she holds the top in front of her (8). She looks square at the camera as her total toplessness is recorded for posterity (9). She inquires, "Am I okay?"
   He looks at her milk-white breasts that are completely encased by tan lines. "You're great," he acclaims. "You got the gig."
   "Super." She clasps her arms over her breasts and sways left to right (10). "I can't believe I just showed myself like this," she blurts out, "but I think this is going to be good for me!" She leans forward just a bit, casts her breasts into the bandeau (11), stretches it around behind her, fastens the strap (12), and gives it a final tug up (13). She grins (14) and races back to the dressing room.
   She departs in her croptop and slacks, flashing her back on the way out.

   She gets the gig, and she modes fives in the same bikini (KP880L).

   Fantasmo. 14 pictures.
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